Pet Resources

PA Dog License

All dogs, three months of age or older, are required by Pennsylvania law to be licensed. Annual dog licenses are effective for the calendar year in which they are purchased. Dog licenses for the following year are available starting on December 1st of the previous year. Annual dog licenses may be purchased here, at Camp K9, or at your local County Treasurer’s office. Lifetime dog licenses are sold only at the County Treasurer’s office and require that your dog be permanently ID’d, typically with a micro-chip. There are 2 forms that need to be filled out and then mailed to the Treasurer. The first form verifies that your dog has a permanent ID and must be signed by your vet or some other authorized agent. The other form is the lifetime application that you complete.


Dog rescues

Main Line Animal Rescue

Main Line Animal Rescue has helped thousands of animals find new homes while launching a successful anti-puppy mill campaign. MLAR celebrates the special bond between companion animals and the people who love them – through rescue, adoption, education and community outreach. If you are interested in volunteering or applying to give a permanent home to a pet in need, please contact Main Line Animal Rescue.


To Love a Canine Rescue

To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc. (TLC) is a non-profit, foster-based, all-breed dog rescue that has found home for over a thousand dogs since their inception in 2013. TLC focuses on making the right connections between dogs and families in order to give the dogs the loving & permanent home best suited to them. When you adopt from TLC, you become a member of their extended family and they are there to support you long after an adoption is complete. In addition to finding adoption services, TLC also has a community outreach program, partners with other organizations to provide service dogs for veterans & others in need, and companion dogs for veterans.

TLC is a family-friendly volunteer driven organization that is happy to cultivate the next generation through a thriving junior volunteers program (“Mini Paws”) that is designed to train children, 4-18, in proper animal care, instill a love of community service, and provide them with the foundation to feel confident in public speaking so they can put their skills to use by engaging in peer-to-peer education themselves. If you’re interested in volunteering, fostering or adding a new dog to your home, please contact TLC Rescue.

Pet Insurance

Just like people, pets get sick sometimes. Pet insurance helps you pay your unexpected veterinary bills, so if your pet has an accident or becomes ill, you’ve got help covering the costs. While every parent wants to provide their pets with the best care possible, sometimes the high costs can force you to ask your vet for less expensive alternatives. However, with Petplan on your side, you can follow your veterinarian’s recommended course of treatment knowing that your pet health insurance will help provide you with financial peace of mind.

To find out more about pet insurance, please contact Petplan. Be sure to tell them that Jason Morgera, owner – Camp K-9, sent you.


Poison Control

Knowing where to get accurate information when your dog has eaten something that is potentially harmful is important for every dog owner. Two places that we recommend are the websites of the ASPCA and the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition. Please make a donation to them if you find their information useful.