Thank you for considering Camp K-9 for your dog’s care. We strive to exceed your expectations and help your pet stay healthy, active, and happy. In order to assist you in the best manner possible, we have some policies for every pet and owner, for the well being of your pet, other guests, and our staff. Please read the below policies thoroughly, ask questions well before your visit, and then relax – knowing that your dog’s visit will be safe and fun!


Temperament Evaluation

Because we offer an open play environment, similar to a dog park, every dog coming to Camp K-9 for daycare or boarding must have a temperament evaluation. The evaluation must be scheduled in advance, so please call for an appointment before you plan on bringing your dog in for daycare or boarding. In addition, all dogs over 1 year of age must be spayed or neutered.

During the evaluation, we will take your dog into a separate room and introduce them to a small group of similarly-sized dogs to observe their interaction. We do our best to replicate the variety of a playgroup, so your dog may meet males and females, excited players and calm observers, as well as older dogs and puppies. Every dog has their own distinct personality! It is important to observe your dog’s behavior without your presence, but we will gladly give you a full report afterward.

We are not only looking for any aggressive tendencies, but fearful ones as well. We want to confirm Camp K-9 will be a happy, healthy place for your dog.

We require proof of current vaccinations against rabies, distemper and bordetella at the time of the evaluation.


General Information and Policies For All Guests Reservations

Space in our programs is limited, and filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make all reservations as early as possible to ensure that we can serve your dog care needs. Unscheduled drop-offs are strongly discouraged, as we may be at capacity for that service already. For those seeking a boarding visit at high-volume times, a two-week advance reservation is recommended.


Deposits and Payment Terms

Camp K-9 accepts checks, cash, and the following credit cards for payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Returned checks carry a $35 fee. For advance boarding reservations, a credit card on file is required.



Boarding clients must cancel before the scheduled drop-off date. Any cancellations of boarding services within 48 hours of the first scheduled boarding day will result in a $50 cancellation fee.



All dogs entering Camp K-9 for services must have proof of the following vaccinations or titers (a blood test for a condition). Titers proof must be updated every six months:

  • DHPP
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (kennel cough) – note that we will accept the recommendation of your veterinarian as to whether this is updated annually or semiannually.

It is recommended that all dogs be taking flea/tick and heartworm preventatives.


Illness and Injury

If your dog is ill, please take him or her to the vet immediately! We reserve the right to refuse service if your dog arrives sick or shows evidence of illness. If your dog becomes ill while under our care, we will make every reasonable attempt to contact you. We reserve the right to quarantine the dog until you can pick him/her up, or we will take the dog to our vet if we believe it is in your pet’s best interest.

Life-threatening illnesses or injuries will be treated as deemed best by staff, at their discretion.

All veterinary bills are the responsibility of the owner, whatever the source or cause.


Additional Information and Policies for Boarding Guests

The drop off time for boarding dogs is until 3:00 PM on Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, drop off is anytime from 10:00 AM through 2:00 PM.

In order to ensure that each dog is fed the appropriate diet, feeding times are set by Camp K-9 staff. The only exceptions to this will be made for dogs with specific feeding requirements for medical reasons.

If your dog requires medication, please bring detailed written instructions along with the medicines when bringing your dog in. Note that medication administration comes with an additional fee. Please talk to a member of our staff to discuss your pet’s needs so that we can let you know the fee that will apply.

For dogs being picked up on Sunday, a $15 activity fee will be added to the bill.


Additional Information and Policies for Daycare Guests

Payment for daycare is due at when your dog is picked-up. Payment can be made at drop-off or pick-up. We also offer pre-payment options for a discounted price.


Additional Information and Policies for Training Guests

Training guests must remain on their leash and under their owner’s control at all times, unless instructed by staff. Any training pets who bite or nip other dogs or people may be denied service.

No deposits are required for training. The training class fee is due before the start of the first class.


Hold Harmless Agreement

Although every possible precaution is taken when caring for your pet, we realize that dogs can still be unpredictable, germs can survive even the best cleaning, and human error can occur, despite training, supervision, and set policies. Therefore, Camp K-9 Paradise for Paws, its owner(s), employee(s), assignee(s), representative(s) or any other person affiliated with the company shall not be held liable for any health issues, illness, or injury (including death) that may result from ill health or actions of another dog, or action of a Camp K-9 owner, employee, assignee, representative, or visitor.

You and your representative(s) or assignee(s) agree not to hold Camp K-9 liable for any illness, injury or death of your dog, yourself, minor children in your care, or damage to your property while your dog is in the care of Camp K-9 Paradise for Paws. You also acknowledge that your dog and any damage resulting from his/her behavior or actions is your responsibility when in your care, and in the parking lot of Camp K-9.

You acknowledge that you understand and accept the terms and conditions set forth by this agreement and the policies of Camp K-9.