Just want to take a minute to thank you so much for all you and your staff does for Taj. He is a happy boy and tells me all about his day then promptly falls asleep with a smile on his face(or is that his mustache?). Being able to leave him on long days at work, whenever they are, really puts my mind at ease. He is always happy to see everyone and never notices when I leave- a good thing! Thanks so much for your consideration and care. Your staff is great too-always ready to help out with a question or concern. Love of animals is quite apparent at “Camp” . Thanks again.

Taj’s Mom

PS Taj says hi and now has gone back to snoring happily!!


Prior to enrolling at Camp K-9 I was completely uncomfortable leaving my dog in the care of someone else while I was at work. Dora was a rescue who came to me with separation anxiety. I met with Jason and within moments I felt such comfort in sending her to Camp K-9 and enrolled her with no hesitation. Jason and his staff continue to bring me so much comfort while she is there. I know when she is there that she is always being taken care of and loved. The staff at Camp K-9 is very welcoming and displays so much affection for the dogs enrolled. Not only is this facility a daycare, it is a second home for my dog. She has grown attached to many staff members and becomes extremely excited when arriving there. Since Dora has enrolled at Camp K-9 I have seen a decrease in her separation anxiety at home. The facility itself is well managed, clean, safe, and organized. The atmosphere at Camp K-9 is genuine and calming. Since I have been there I have recommended the facility to everyone I know and will continue to do so. I would like to thank all the staff at Camp-K9 for all their hard work, dedication, affection, and passion for what they do.

Dora’s Mom





Camp K9 is the fourth doggie daycare facility that I have placed my dogs. I must say that this place is wonderful for my dogs!!!! The reasons are several, starting with the owner Jason. Jason did his best to introduce me to his facility personally, with the needs of my schedule and my dogs being his ultimate concern. The facility is extremely clean and free of odors. The dogs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. I have observed this with not only my dogs but with other customers. The staff is wonderful and very well trained in dog handling. Jason and his staff make you feel that they have connected with your pets. I feel it is more a community of dog lovers and not just a place to babysit my pets. The outdoor play area is absolutely awesome. I plan on being a loyal customer of this company because of the excellent services that Jason and his competent staff provide to my pets.

Jordan, Misha and Reggie’s Mom

Marley sittin' pretty

We have been bringing our dog Marley to Camp K-9 for a few months now and it’s absolutely wonderful. He’s a pretty hyper dog and comes home well exercised and ready for bed. The staff is wonderful and the fact that you can see your baby on the web cams during the day is a great feature! We just can’t say enough good things about Camp K-9.

Marley’s Dad


Phoenix in her finest

We just wanted to thank you guys again for everything you have done for Phoenix. The training classes have been wonderful and all of the extra time that is spent giving us pointers for Phoenix’s behavior is greatly appreciated. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to send her to a place where she can run and socialize with other dogs and we know that the staff truly cares about the dogs and is knowledgeable about dog behavior. We are always being told about how much Phoenix’s behavior is changing when we have company over and I rave about Camp K9 to everyone I know with or without a dog 🙂 . You can tell from every interaction with the staff at Camp K9 that they are dedicated to their jobs and they care about each dog coming into the facility. Thank you again!

Phoenix’s Parents


Camp K-9 has been a Godsend to our family. When we first saw that this camp was coming, we had recently adopted a puppy and were thrilled because we knew that this would be the solution to our worries about having our new puppy in a crate for too long while we were at work. Not only does Camp K-9 help us out, it has been wonderful in helping in the socialization of our puppy. The owner, Jason, and the rest of the staff are so wonderful with the dogs and very knowledgeable. A few months back, the staff found out that my dog was at the vet and kept overnight. Jason called us the next day to check on him. They truly care about all dogs that come into their facility and when I drop my dog off in the morning, I am completely confident that he is safe while in their care and that in itself is priceless. When I take my dog to Camp K-9, the only thing I have to do is look at him and say, “do you want to go to daycare”? He runs to the door, and then to the car immediately and is so excited! He loves Camp K-9 so much! When I pick him up after a long day of fun and playing with all of his friends (both the furry friends and the staff), he comes home, eats and then he is ready for a restful night of sleep. When a dog is happy to be somewhere, you know it. Same goes true about when they are not happy to be somewhere. I know that Camp K-9 is a fantastic place because other than home, my dog would rather be at Camp K-9!

Otis’ Mom